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Complexity-Code: Theory Foundations & Tools  

Part 3

Stability vs. Instability

Simple systems rely on stability, in fact, it is their comfort zone! They maintain their steadiness as naturally as sitting up straight in a chair. Simple systems are inertial systems, meaning, they are resistant to change. Contrarily, complex systems behave more like riding a bike, they can only develop in an unstable equilibrium. The scientific term dynamic equilibrium refers to the fact that balance in complex system is derived from change.

Possible vs. Impossible

In simple systems, there is an unambiguous connection between cause and effect, meaning, one can know in advance what is possible and what is impossible. Surprisingly, complex systems’ effects can transcend our notion of possibility. Results are not subjected to be a ‘simple sum of their parts’. Emergence is the scientific term which teaches us to expect the unexpected.


Cognitive wisdom to expect the unexpected


The term emergability means that there is cognitive ability to derive the relevant parameters that can provoke an irreversible expansion in the system’s capabilities. In complex system terminologies, innovation is a discovery, not an invention!

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