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Personal Inquiry Survey


1. The range of time in which an entrepreneurial strategy can remain relevant is...

A. Medium range, between 3-5 years

B. Long term, over 5 years

C. Short term, should be renovated every six months


2. The level of certainty that I feel my best is...

A. A medium level, for it keeps me sharp

B. A low level, for it keeps me alert and excited

C. A high degree of certainty, for it is my safety zone


3. The decision type that I prefer is...

A. Risk/Chance

B. Cost/Benefit

C. Flight/Fight


4. I tend to be influenced by...

A. Instinctive- the first decision that arises

B. Intuition- my gut feeling

C. Inspiration taken from a parallel field


5. My skills and abilities are fully expressed...

A. In outdoor, extreme challenges

B. In intellectual and analytical challenges

C. In creative thinking challenges


6. At work, I am highly appreciated for...

A. Problem solving, ‘putting out the fire before it spreads’

B. Suggesting alternatives

C. Negotiating and attaining ‘peace of mind’


7. The success of a project mainly depends on…

A. A superb team full of ideas

B. Determination to do whatever it takes and never giving up

C. Capital investment


8. When I have an abundance of ideas, I…

A. Choose one that I like best and focus solely on that

B. Start with the one with the highest chance of success

C. Am not in a hurry to choose, I allow my ideas to mature


9. In which famous saying do I most believe in?

A. "Only the brave succeed."

B. "Better think before you act."

C. "Perfect is the enemy of good."


10. Complexity deals with…

A. The Wild West- a complete lack of laws

B. A state of strange laws

C. Deadlock ahead, surrender!

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